Hypnagogia Audio Controller

Interactive music for a theatrical play


Hypnagogia is a theatrical play by Giovanni Firpo, starring himself and Vittoria Faro, Carola Ripani, Antonio Orlando and Giulia Trippetta. Music has a central role in the play, as there is no dialogue and the story is told only by the combination of sound with the actions of the actors on stage. This is the reason why the composer Francesco Leineri asked me to create a flexible and customizable software to control the audio stream in real-time.


For three intense days, we recorded improvised music by Francesco Leineri & Free Music Factory (Luigi Di Marco, Luigi Lo Curzio, Sergio Schifano) and then chose the most appropriate tracks for the play. Together with the performers, we decided to design some ever-changing tracks, based on randomized samples and effects controlled by a single slider to determine the musical intensity. This proved to be an ideal way to complement the actions on stage, because it allowed the person controlling the software to trigger and change a wide variety of sounds as the scenes required it. Moreover, this allowed the actors to have more freedom as the tracks weren't pre-rendered and could follow their actions in real-time.

The application was made using Unity together with Wwise. On stage, we used a Korg nanoKONTROL2 in order to trigger and control the sounds, but the application can also be used with mouse and keyboard.


Music by Francesco Leineri & Free Music Factory (Luigi Di Marco, Luigi Lo Curzio, Sergio Schifano). Recording, mixing, mastering of the music and programming of the audio controller by Francesco Del Pia.


The app is not yet available for download. Feel free to contact me for more information.