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Hi, I'm Francesco, and I'm currently working on Star Citizen as a Junior Sound Designer.

In discovering the field of interactive sound, I was able to bring together my two greatest passions: sound and technology. I craft original sounds and music that I then blend together and mix in a dynamic and cohesive way. I am an experienced Wwise user, and my knowledge of the Unity game engine gives me the ability to communicate effectively with programmers to ensure that sound gets integrated into games in the best way possible.

I have a master's degree in Composition for Applied Music, and I studied Sound Design for Visual Media at VFS.

I fully expect him to be one of the game audio stars of tomorrow to drive audio innovation in game development.

Jon Fish, game audio instructor at VFS

His curiosity and passion for interactive audio are irrepressible.

Luca Fusi, sound designer at Bungie

I dream of Wwise

A YouTube series about unusual authoring techniques in Wwise

Really nice outside the box thinking.

Luca Fusi, sound designer at Bungie

Great technique!

Bernard Rodrigue, director of software development & user experience at Audiokinetic

The Doppler demo was a real eye-opener.

Matt Miller, composer and sound designer for games, tv and film

Simple, but brilliant.

Jon Fish, game audio instructor at VFS

The videos "I dream of Wwise" are great game audio and sound design resources. Check'em out!

Eduardo Vaisman, team lead audio at Ubisoft Toronto

Interactive Audio

Exploring the possibilities of middleware software

Hypnagogia Audio Controller

Drowning in Problems

Music Composition

Implementing advanced interactive music systems

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Feel free to leave me a message if you have any questions about my work. Thanks for visiting!